Select a country to show only the coupons available for your location. coupons Coupons allows you to accept cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Etherium) payments via your online store. The benefit is very low fees & no chargeback risk!
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Cryptocurrency payment gateway

Accept over 95 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin & more! Easy integration with WHMCS, PrestaShop & Shopify
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About discounts
Cryptocurrencies are growing at a huge rate. There's many benefits to accepting them as payment via your online store including:

- low transaction fees
- accept multiple coins
- no chargeback risk
- accept orders from any country without risk integrates directly with WHMCS, Shopify, PrestaShop & more. It currently allows you to instantly accept over 95 different cryptocurrencies. You can also convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat current (USD, GBP etc) easily.